The persons eligible to adopt a child in Kenya are specified in the Kenya Children’s Act 2001 which is the guiding Legislation on Child Adoption. A child may be adopted by:

  •  A married couple in a joint adoption application. The couple must have stayed together in the marriage union for at least three years.
  •  A person who has married the parent of a child can adopt the child, with the biological parent’s consent.
  •  A single person can adopt a child.
  •  A relative to the child if it is ascertained that the prospective adoptive parent has been taking care of the child. This is called kinship adoption.

In addition to this you should be at least 25 years old and the age gap between you and the desired child should be more than 21 years.


Any child below the age of 18 years and within the republic of Kenya can be adopted on the following conditions.

  • The child has been abandoned and the whereabouts of the child’s parent or guardian cannot be established
  • The child is an orphan and has no guardian or caregiver, who is willing to take care of the child
  • The child’s biological parent(s)/ guardian(s) – if available – have given consent for a child to be adopted. This is categorized as a parent offer adoptions.
  • The child is in need of a permanent alternative placement.


The applicant must have obtained Adoption Orders for the first adoption before a second child can be released to them.

The social worker will visit the family to assess the progress of the first child.

An updated home study report shall be written to facilitate the second and any additional adoption requests.

Your cooperation in following these guidelines will be appreciated as they aim at ensuring that the best interest of the Kenyan children are protected and failure to comply may lead to the process being terminated.


The Kenya law does not allow the following people to adopt:

  •  A homosexual
  •  A person charges with a child abuse offence
  •  A person who is not of sound mind
  •  Joint applicants who are not married to each other
  •  A sole male applicant

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