This is the final stage of the adoption process. You are free to contact your own lawyers to facilitate this process.

Should you require it, KKPI also has a list of lawyers that we can recommend to you who have experience in all matters adoption.

The legal process involves three (3) hearings (but could be more). Both applicants and the child MUST be present for the court sessions.

Guardian ad litem

A Guardian ad litem protects the best interest of the child during the court process. He/she should preferably a social worker or a family person of high social and moral standing.  The Guardian ad litem must also do a report and file it in court.

Declaration from a registered Adoption Society

For this purpose, the Society’s social worker will make a visit to your home.

Report from Children’s Department

A Children’s Officer under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Services will conduct a home study and file a report in court.


The legal process varies in time depending on the court schedule, the advocate you engage, and sometimes how fast the reports mentioned above are done and filed in court. On average, it takes between 2 to 4 months. You should not make any arrangements to travel with the child outside the country until the adoption order has been granted by the court.

KKPI – Adoption Society does not support such travel as it is against the law.

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