About us


“Every Child has a right to love and protection,


Kenyan’s to Kenyan’s Peace Initiative is a non-governmental organization that was registered in 2006 and thereafter in 2007 registered as an Adoption Society.

It was founded with a purpose of improving the welfare of orphaned, abandoned, vulnerable and destitute children through alleviation of their status and facilitating their integral development.

Children are our future.  Despite this, they are also the most vulnerable and most likely to be overlooked, ignored, underappreciated, abused and neglected.  We often forget that they shall not remain children forever.  The experiences of childhood shall determine if the child shall go on to become a positive contributory member of the society when they mature into adulthood.

For the sake of our children and their future, we must be involved as a society, a community, in the well-being of children today so as to guarantee a better future not only for them but for us as a whole.

The breakdown of traditional support systems for orphaned children where they were placed with other family members or the extended community has and continues to disintegrate.  To this end there are roughly 1,000,000 children living in children’s homes or Charitable Children’s Institutions (CCI’s) in Kenya.  Research however shows that though well intentioned, institutionalized care has a negative impact on a child’s social emotional and intellectual development.

Children can only thrive in an environment where they get the constant love, care and attention of a dedicated care giver or parent.



A family is a space where the child lives and identifies with, where they have a care giver (Parent) who is constant and consistent in their nurturing of this child.  It is a place that offers a child safety in the form of security, and ultimately love.

All children deserve to be in a loving and caring family so they can then grow into stable, independent and confident individuals.




The vision of KKPI Adoption society is to see orphaned and abandoned children in this country integrated into loving families where they can be given the required love, protection and care and nurtured into responsible adults in the society.



KKPI’s mission is to facilitate and encourage child adoption within the Kenyan community.  We operate as a link between prospective adoptive parents with children in need of adoption



Our main objective is to encourage the society to embrace adoption as a way of establishing families and to ensure that the society gives support to individuals willing to adopt.  This will be ensured through;

  • Placing orphaned and abandoned children with adoptive parents.
  • Promoting awareness and hence a culture of adoption within the Kenyan community.
  • Encouraging families to adopt orphaned and abandoned children within Kenya.







P.O Box 30906-00100, Nairobi, Telephone: +254 725 475 208