The adoption procedure has been designed to be as simple as possible with a focus to ensure that a prospective adoptive parent fully understands and  appreciates that they are embarking on an amazing journey of parenthood


Inquiry on adoption can be done directly through the website or you can contact our office Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 8.00pm. You will then book an appointment to come in for an interview

The interview

On their initial visit, the applicants will be taken through what to expect during the whole process and they will also be interviewed on their intention to adopt. Once their initial queries have been answered, they will obtain a set of forms that need to be completed and a list of document that are required to process the adoption.

The Initial Home Visit

It is only after all the forms have been duly completed and the necessary attachments provided that a home visit shall be scheduled. The purpose of the home visit is to verify some of the information in the form and also to get to know and access where the children will be living. An interview will be conducted by a social worker from the adoption society.

A report is prepared by the social worker, which is presented to a case committee. The case committee is mandated to approve the suitability of the applicants to become parents.

If the case is approved, the applicants will go through a counseling session to prepare them for
the upcoming role. It is also important since it will help the applicants to best handle their soon to come roles and responsibilities.

Finding your child

The applicants will be matched with children who best match them and will be introduced to the child. From here they will be required to start bonding with the child. Bonding varies with the age of the child and requirements from the home where the child has been living.

The child is placed into the care of the parents after successful bonding, which is determined by the Children’s Homes’ social worker. The child will be under the care of the applicants for three months. This is the foster care period.

During the foster care period, the society will monitor the progress of the family on a monthly basis.

The legal process

When the foster care period matures, the applicants are expected to contact a lawyer who will represent them in court for the final stage of the adoption process. This step is important since it is where the relationship between the child and adoptive parents is legalized. The adoption orders are acquired after successful completion of this step.

Remember, an adoption order is irrevocable and means that the child now has all the rights and privileges as if they were born of you.





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